Janine Cooper Ayres

Contact:  J9art_music@yahoo.com

I was about seven when I first discovered that I was a day dreamer -- a creative type. I started making up tunes and simple stories around that time. Soon after that I began watching Carol Burnett's TV show and I marveled at her ability to make people laugh. I remember thinking, 'I want to do that!'  In my early teens I realized how much I love music; I think it was when I went to my first concert (Pink Floyd).  It was freaking AMAZING and I wanted to be a part of that scene so I bought a bass guitar and joined a band.  In 1986 I moved to L.A. to get that elusive record deal. It arrived pretty quick, playing bass with Let's Active on IRS Records and then with Downey Mildew (on Windham Hill's Highstreet label).  It was also around that time that I began working in the film industry. I got my start as a scenic artist working for Roger Corman's movie studio and went on to work on 'The Wonder Years' and for companies like Walt Disney and Universal Studios. Over the years I've sold over 300 of my own paintings and most recently I've started incorporating A.I. A few years ago I finally finished writing a novel that I worked on for many years called 'The Wreck of Elizabeth'. It was an incredible challenge!  I've also released eleven albums of original music and I also enjoy acting (I'm a member of SAG/AFTRA!) and producing and editing my own films. ‚Äč

Just recently I joined forces with a few other film makers to create a production company called 'Global Warning Films'.  It is our goal to help raise awareness about our planet's environmental challenges.  Visit our website www.globalwarningfilms.com to learn more about this new venture.