Born and raised in a suburb of Detroit (Warren), Janine is the youngest of four daughters.  She grew up watching her older sisters being creative;  each are artistic in their own way.  

She moved to the Bay Area in 1976 when her father was transferred. It was around that time she began drawing and painting and playing in bands (bass guitar and singing).

In 1986 Janine moved to Los Angeles to 'make it in the music industry'. She played (bass guitar) in several bands, touring and recording and became a scenic artist in the film industry (working for companies like Disney and Universal Studios).  She also started selling her paintings, mainly as a means to pay her bills.  Since 1988 Janine has sold over 200 paintings.  

She continues to paint and play music, is currently working on a novel and a new CD. She also owns a publishing company with her husband who is a writer/producer.